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Nataša Briški

Nataša is a university-educated journalist and holds Master of Arts in Political Science. Since 2012, she has been leading a team that creates content for the independent online media network Meta’s list (, co-authoring podcasts on media (Meta’s Tea), EU affairs (European Quarter) and internal politics in Slovenia (LD;GD), je so-avtorica podkastov o medijih (Meta’s Tea), o zadevah EU (European Quarter) in notranjepolitičnem dogajanju v Sloveniji (LD;GD).

She also works as a consultant in strategic communication and management of social media networks and new media platforms, advises various organisations and individuals on public relations, effective media communication and public speaking. She is a member of the Human Rights Council (2019 - ) and an ambassador of Destination Kočevsko.

Nataša Briški started her career at the local radio Univox (1993 - 1997) and then from 1995 - 2011 worked in various roles for the largest and most watched commercial TV in Slovenia, POP TV. She was part of the first team of young presenters and anchors who produced short afternoon reports, edited and hosted sports programmes (Športnih 24ur, Športna scena, Golf on POP TV) as a journalist, presenter and editor, was foreign policy correspondent for 24ur from Washington D.C. (2003 - 2010), and part of the foreign policy team for 24ur (2010 - 2011). She was also a correspondent for BBC World Report from the United States (2005 - 2006).


Foto: Adrian Pregelj

She has published articles, commentaries and opinion pieces on Meta’s List and occasionally in other media, and was a columnist for the legendary RTV programme Studio City (2018-2022). In December 2013, she was one of the speakers at TEDx Ljubljana - The Power of Responsible Ideas (Let's Demand Socially Responsible Media).Zahtevajmo družbeno-odgovorne medije).

She was selected from more than 1000 applicants to be part of a 12-member Euro-Arab expedition to the North Pole, which they reached on 21st of April 2018. The women's international expedition was the subject of the documentary film Exposure, directed by American Holy Morris, and the book Polar Exposure, published by Penguin Random House. Exposure v režiji Američanke Holy Morris in napisana knjiga Polar Exposure, ki jo je izdala založba Penguin Random House.

Nataša is also the author of a book on the process of selecting presidential candidates in American elections - "Through the Cornfields of Iowa to the White House" (2009).Prek koruznih polj v Iowi do Bele hiše” (2009).