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Kočevsko / Wild. But nice.

Welcome to the secret forest. Experience the vastness of the green forests of Kočevsko. The landscape with the most naturally preserved regions in Slovenia will accept you as you are. In the deepest corners there are hidden remains of virgin forests where you can experience life in its primal form. Head deep into the forest and listen closely to the breaths of nature.  Podajte se globoko v gozd in prisluhnite čisto od blizu, kako diha narava.


kolaž posnetkov Kočevske krajine

Foto: Kočevsko, Nea Culpa, Jošt Gantar.


Go behind the scenes of great stories and even greater successes of Slovenian ski jumpers. What propelled them to the fore? What motivates them, what spreads their wings and what gives them courage? Find out what makes our sporting heroes tick!


Foto: Jan Čermelj, Barcaffe.

Comma / Step up talk

Comma is a German brand that was founded in 1973. As part of the autumn/winter campaign "STEP UP FOR YOURSELF", which encourages women to make their lives their own, Comma has organised a Step Up Talk.


Sami Rahim @sami8rahim